Ethical and sustainable viticulture

The respect of the ecosystem has accompanied the company’s growth, a prerogative that fully expresses the philosophy that the family has decided to follow in order to preserve the extraordinary surrounding environment. The company has always used techniques for vineyard management with low environmental impact, through a continuous monitoring of the health status of the vines and defence interventions carried out only in case of necessity. In support of this ethical approach, starting from the 2015 vintage, all the vineyards have been converted to organic farming. Le grapevines positioned at an altitude of 260/320 m above sea level and with an average age of the plants being approximately 20 years, differ according to the characteristics of the soil and according to their exposure. Depending on the peculiarities of each plot at the time of planting, there has been a painstaking selection of the most suitable and appropriate varieties.

With regard to the management and protection of the vineyards against pathogens, the company is strongly committed to the study of innovative techniques that go beyond the biological disciplinary rules. Thanks to continuous updating on the research relating to natural resistance supplements and on the active microbiological measures against the main pests and diseases of the grapevine, it has been possible to make use of alternative techniques of defence, equally valid but with the minimum use of copper which, in the long run, can however be detrimental to the environment.