WHITE GRAPE VARIETIES Maybe you didn't know that the absolute king of white grape varieties in Marche is Verdicchio, also called "The gold of Marche". It was already mentioned in De Re Rustica by the Latin agronomist Lucio Giunio Moderato Columella, who counted it as one of the best known Italic varieties of vine.

BLACK GRAPE VARIETIES Maybe you didn't know that Rosso Piceno is included in the royal family of red grapes. This wine, with an ancient and noble tradition, made its first appearance during the first century BC, when the Piceni population (from which the wine takes its name), an Italic tribe probably coming from Umbria, settled in the lower part of Marche. It was the historian Polybius who mentioned for the first time the "wine of Piceni", distant ancestor of Rosso Piceno and much appreciated by Hannibal's troops. The story tells that these, on their way to Rome, tired and shabby, would have taken advantage of a stop in the Picenian land to restore themselves with abundant meals and drinks and massages based on aged red wine.

Great innovation has its roots in history and every great story needs a home to live in.
Our beautiful and windy estate counts 230 hectares of land among which 30 are planted as vineyards, divided according to the grape varieties:


Hectars of verdicchio


Hectars of passerina


Hectars of montepulciano


Hectars of sangiovese


Hectars of lacrima


Hectars of cabernet sauvignon


Hectars of merlot

Divided into two main areas, you will find the white grape varieties on the side of the estate facing the Apennines, while on the side facing the sea the red grape varieties.

The vines are the lifeblood of our estate and to facilitate their longevity, in the beginning we have planted the vineyards with a low density of plants per each hectar.

Among the white grapes varieties there is our beloved Verdicchio, whose vineyards have the shape of an amphitheater and are oriented and exposed to the South/South-East. Among these vineyards, the small portion that overlooks the Musone river is called “Misco” and takes its name from the ancient Latin name of the river itself, which was “Miscus”. This parcel gives life to the greatest grapes of Verdicchio, best expressing the complex characters of this variety and its longevity potential.

The hill of the red grapes varieties can be distinguished not only for its color, but also for a greater presence of skeleton and rocky material in the subsoil. This particular feature is strongly linked to the fact that in the past, where now stand the vineyards, there was a stone quarry.